Industry Experience

At Kenco, we focus on developing partnerships with our customers that fit their specific industry needs. Solutions are customized to each client in order to evolve their supply chain from an operating cost to a competitive advantage. 

Each of our clients benefit from more than just dedicated site resources, they also have access to dedicated corporate resources whose sole focus is to drive uncommon value in each of our four verticals. 

Our Industry Verticals

Learn more about each of Kenco's industry verticals and our specific expertise in your industry. Select your industry below:



Durable Consumer Goods

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Healthcare / Pharmaceutical

Broad Expertise

In addition to the industries highlighted, we work with a variety of different products on behalf of our customers. Clients in sub industries include manufacturers of apparel, paper products, specialty steel, construction equipment, textile products, plastics, and packaging materials. Regardless of the industry, we work closely with our clients to provide custom solutions that work.

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