Fast Moving Consumer Goods Logistics

Scalability and the capacity to meet high demand are essential in a logistics partner for the fast moving consumer goods industry. Kenco offers turnkey services that help improve efficiency all along the supply chain. As a 3PL partner with decades of experience, we have aligned our companies around our industry verticals to provide seamless services to the FMCG industry. Whether you need temperature-controlled storage and transportation, a transportation partner to help with returns or recalls, or demo kitting for retailers, Kenco offers a wide array of value added services

Our Areas of Expertise:

Food, Beverage & Confections

As a nation-wide 3PL, Kenco has many years of experience with promotional packaging and distribution for the food, beverage, and confections industry. Read more >>


Kenco understands the retail industry and has experience in dealing with the extreme demands of mass and specialty retailers. Just a few of major retail outlets that Kenco ships to are Best Buy, HH Gregg, Lowes, Rite Aid, Sears, Target, Toys R Us, Walgreens and Wal-Mart. We are able to provide comprehensive services to ensure that our client’s products are ready to be supplied to the public.

Consumer Products

Consumer products turn quickly through the supply chain and the delivery to top retailers is critical for success. Tight competition across the sector requires diligent cost controls. Kenco’s solutions help clients expand their agility and reduce cost while ensuring the highest levels of availability on stores shelves.


As Ecommerce becomes increasingly important in the Direct-to-Consumer market, Kenco continues to expand its offerings delivering comprehensive services with integrated information technology. Read More >>


Kenco knows that speed to market is the key for our apparel clients. To meet the changing preferences of consumers, we develop agile supply chains that consistently deliver on aggressive performance indicators. We provide invaluable solutions to the apparel industry, including real time inventory visibility, allowing our clients to get the most out of their assets and by improving inventory turns.


Take It From Our Clients...

 “Since selecting Kenco in 2007, our company has grown with Kenco from 30,000 square feet of distribution space in one distribution center (DC) to 1.7 million square feet of distribution space in 5 DC’s. Kenco has also supported our transportation needs. This type of rapid expansion and integrated solutions is exactly what we demanded and Kenco has delivered.”
- Director of Logistics and Distribution Planning for a Major Food and Beverage Customer

Best Practices Selecting a 3PL