Medical Device Logistics

Medical Device Logistics - image of a hearing aidWhen choosing a logistic partner for medical device products, consider the reputation that Kenco has built in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry as a trusted logistics and 3PL provider. We offer full compliance with the stringent regulatory requirements and warehouse guidelines that are required of those who store and distribute medical devices.

Kenco’s Capabilities:

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Case Study

Kenco Develops Inventory Management System (IMS) for Medical Equipment Trials

A leading manufacturer of medical equipment approached Kenco for our knowledge of integrated logistics and our reputation in the healthcare community. The challenge from this client was to streamline to process of processing trial orders of medical devices that are commonly shipped out to customers for demonstration and testing purposes. Information Technology developed a proprietary web-based solution for the management of these trial orders that was able to seamlessly integrate with the client’s sales team and efficiently regulated inventory control practices.  Read more >>>


Best Practices Selecting a 3PL