Raw Materials Warehouse Management

Raw Materials Logistics

As a third party logistics provider, Kenco engineers the perfect solution for each of our clients based around the needs of their industry and their specific company. When raw materials enter one of our distribution centers, we will store and inventory each item in the most efficient way possible for costs savings and to ensure quick fulfillment. 

Kenco has more than 65 years of experience with industrial markets. We drafted our first ever contract with Dupont in 1967, and they remain a client to this day.

Value Added Services for Raw Material Transport

  • Materials management and JIT delivery ensure that your building materials are shipped at the right time and in the right order
  • Commitment to LEAN Six Sigma principles
  • Reverse logistics and asset recovery management
  • Expert material handling and inventory visibility through our WMS
  • Light pre-assembly and repair
  • Packaging & kitting solutions
  • Raw materials storage at a customizable warehouse

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