Kenco provides warehousing, fulfillment services, and transportation management services.  Through a network of warehouse and distribution centers spanning across North America, we serve a wide variety of clients in many different industry verticals. Whether your company requires basic storage space and inventory management or you operate an enterprise level company that needs cradle-to-grave logistics, Kenco is able to provide scalable and customized logistics solutions

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Dedicated Warehousing and Multi-Client Operations

We operate a number of multi-client warehouse locations across North America, equiped with innovative warehouse and inventory management systems.

Kenco also works with customers to locate and manage dedicated warehousing space.  We partner with our clients to provide customizable warehouse space and supply chain management as needed to improve and maintain operational efficiency. 

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Customizable Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Kenco is able to implement tier 1 or tier 2 warehouse management systems to improve efficiency. Our systems help our clients cut operating costs, improve product distribution, and ensure transparency at any time. 

Kenco offers our own proprietary WMS package, known as Warehouse Efficiency System (WES™) and many other tier 1 WMS systems, such as SAP, Manhattan, and Red Prairie.

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