Warehouse Management Systems

At Kenco Logistic Services, we know that a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that works can make a big impact on your business.  With over 60 years of experience in logistics, we have developed in-house procedures and technology to manage inventory in the best way to help your business cut costs and decrease fulfillment times. We offer our proprietary WMS package, Warehouse Efficiency System (WES™), as well as many other WMS systems, such as SAP, Manhattan, and Red Prairie.

Between our commitment to Lean principles and our ability to customize the experience for our customers, we focus on providing our customers with the greatest return on investment.  Whether you are working with Kenco to manage your warehouse logistics or simply provide warehouse space, we are able to optimize every move of your product and the people who move it.

ABC's of DCs

Using our WES, you can log in online from the Kenco website and create a user account. Customize your menu and grant others access:

warehouse management system

warehouse management user setup

Instant Inventory Location

Kenco Logistic Services accurately accounts for every product that enters its inventory and works to minimize the cost of storage through efficient organization.  We are then able to quickly recall where the product is located for delivery to meet customer demands. We can also quickly create reports to show how much inventory we have on-hand:

warehouse management software



Our WMS is completely transparent and accessible to our customers via our customizable web portal, making it easy for you to track your inventory and control it. This visibility also allows our customers to analyze trends and adjust their inventory levels over time as well as benchmark their performance against industry standards.

Easily search and maintain your order status or manage your product codes online. Our Warehouse Management Systems can give you the access and transparency you need while enabling us to make each order more efficient:

warehouse management system searchable navigation

wms product codes


In fact, using Kanban systems and implementing other Value Added Services, such as postponement and sequencing, we can reduce cycle times and unnecessary material-handling.

Please contact us to learn more about our Warehouse Management System or request a quote.