Fleet Optimization Process

Optimizing your material handling fleet is a fluid process for Kenco’s fleet management experts. Only by gaining a complete understanding of your fleet can we design and deploy a plan that delivers savings and efficiencies.


During the Discovery phase, we conduct a complete fleet profile including fleet size, lease history, maintenance costs, annual spend and utilization. By understanding your current situation, we can better gauge areas of opportunity.


Data that was uncovered during your discovery phase is then used to design a new MHE plan that:

  • Serves as your master MHE  profile complete with asset tracking, and expense and utilization review
  • Recommends ideal fleet size and composition to satisfy fluid business needs and safety requirements
  • Guides service and maintenance schedules for maximum uptime
  • Provides reduction goals and annual savings summary


Once your plan is finalized, we can implement new technology, service existing equipment and retire unnecessary equipment in order to establish your balanced, optimized fleet. As part of this process, you’ll also gain access to our trained staff and safety experts as a part of your national service support network.

Measure Success

Once initial deployment is complete, we begin the ongoing process of monitoring and maintaining your MHE fleet and associated costs, and measuring the cost reductions in relation to our plan guidelines and estimates. Unify, our proprietary software, makes it easy to pinpoint the affect full lease life cycle management and total fleet services have on utilization, and acquisition and service costs for a complete picture of MHE operational cost reductions.
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