Transportation Safety

As part of Kenco's commitment to progressive safety initiatives and programs, our transportation team takes a unique approach to safety by implementing the latest technology and training programs. Learn about three of their latest iniatives below.

Over-The-Road Tractors Equipped with Electronic Logging Devices

As a safety and compliance focused company, for many years Kenco’s transportation services have made a serious commitment to following the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations and guidelines. A part of that commitment has been to equip our over-the-road tractors with electronic logging devices, or ELDs as they are commonly referred to in the industry.  In addition to boosting our compliance abilities, the use of ELDs enhances Kenco’s ability to track vehicles and communicate with drivers in a more timely manner. This knowledge and ability allows Kenco to have the same cababilites the “biggest companys” have while keeping our small company attention to detail and trailer loads for each of our individual customers and partners.  

Kenco Uses On-Site Transportation Leadership to Manage and Coach Vehicle Drivers   

Each customer site with Kenco managed commercial motor vehicles (CMV) drivers, including yard spotters and shuttle drivers also has a designated Site Fleet Safety Coordinator (SFSC). The SFSCs are tasked not only with the supervision of drivers but also with the responsibility to assist with State and Federal transportation required safety compliance.   Each SFSC is a full-time supervisory associate who has gone through a minimum of 12 hours of comprehensive transportation training.  Coordinators have the opportunity to achieve four levels of certifications; two basic and two more advanced up to the NATMI Certified Director of Safety and USDOT TSA five-day certification. In addition to the initial training, the SFSCs have continuous monthly on-line training and participate in monthly corporate safety calls that deal with current driver related issues and regulatory updates.

At every location, SFSCs are encouraged to participate and attend their state’s Trucking Association meetings and events. One of the more interesting and informative events is the annual State Trooper hosted road-side inspections. The road-side inspections are an excellent opportunity to gain a working knowledge of what is expected for vehicle standards. Safety team leaders normally participate in 2 to 4 of these events a year. 

Using On-board Video Cameras

In 2015 Kenco took a serious step forward in it’s commitment to highway safety by putting in place an onboard video system and combining with driver coaching. As a part of our commitment to safety and driver coaching, the decision was made to use both outward and inward facing cameras, because – “you can’t coach what you don’t see”. Our goal is to work together as a team in order to have the most professional, safe and well trained drivers possible on the highways.

Kenco’s team approach uses the captured video in similar way pro athletes view game film.  Our Corporate Fleet Safety, Site Fleet Safety Coordinators and drivers work together by combining the SmartDrive video program with the Smith System 5 Keys of driving, to sharpen driving skills. Kenco’s professional drivers work hard to maintain an appropriate vehicle distance and speed in order to gain the visibility and time necessary for making the safest and best driving decisions for everyone’s safety.

Watch the video below for more about the SmartDrive video program.

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